Name: Miles "Tails" Prower

Age: 8

Birthdate: October 16

Sex: Male

Species: Fox

Abilities: Flying

Weapons and Items: Tools

Vehicles: X Tornado and X Cyclone

Residence: Station Square

Likes: Mint Candy and Machine Maintenance

Dislikes: Thunder and Crashing

Friends: Sonic, Knuckles (Occasionally), Amy, Cream, Cheese, Chris and Chuck

Rivals: Dr. Eggman

Super Form: Super Tails

Bio: A kid fox with 2 tails. Like Dr. Eggman, he is a genius of mechanics. However, he uses his talents for good and may become better than Eggman himself, but he is not aware of this possibility. He is like Sonic younger brother, and like all little brothers, he was once dependant on Sonic. His talents are of great help to Sonic.

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