2. Sonic to the Rescue

Episode Title: Sonic to the Rescue

Episode Number: 2

Character Appearances: Sonic, Tails, Cream, Cheese, Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, Chris, Chuck and Mr. Tanaka

Episode Summary: After the night before Sonic now stays at the Thorndyke mansion where that morning Chris gets a call from his mom and tells her the story about what happen last night. Only he changes it to say he had save a cat instead of Sonic. After done talking with his mom and then a call from his dad Chris offers Sonic food that he found out on the internet that hedgehogs like. However Sonic did not like the taste and Chris tells him that it was cat food. Sonic pushes the plate away and jumps on to a tree then rushes off. Later on Sonic returns and him and Chris watch a news report that talks about Sonic. The scientist that was interview claim that Sonic is nothing more then a machine which is not true. Chris' Grandfather Chuck enters the room and tells Chris about Sonic but finds out that the blue hedgehog he was talking about is sitting right there on the couch. Chuck thinking he is a machine pulls out a screwdriver to try and open Sonic up but soon finds out Sonic is not a machine but a living creature. The news reporter then reports about finding Cream and Cheese scared on a billboard. Sonic rushes off to save them even though he has no idea where they are. Chris stops him to remind him of that and the two go to Chuck where Chuck learns from a source that Cream and Cheese were taken to a base in the desert known as Area 99. Learning this Sonic, Chris and Chuck rush to Area 99. Chuck hands Sonic an inferred scoop so Sonic can avoid getting detected. With their help Sonic rushes through the base and rescue Cream and Cheese then tries to get out of there. Later the power to the whole base goes offline thanks to an unknown help and Sonic, Cream and Cheese managed to get out of there where they meet up with Tails flying in the Tornado. He helps them escape also learning that it was him who had help them back in the base. Back at Chuck's Workshop Tails, Cream and Cheese are introduces to Chris and Chuck both glad to meet them. Chris invites all of them to stay with him and of course they all expect. Now they just need to find Knuckles and Amy plus they can't forget that if all of them are here then Dr. Eggman is here too.