Name: Bokkun

Age: Unknown

Birthdate: Unknown

Sex: Male

Species: Robot

Abilities: Bomb Attacks and Flying

Weapons and Items: Delivery Bag, Bombs (Of Different Types) and Jetpack

Vehicles: None

Residence: Eggman's Island

Likes: Anything (As Long As It's Funny To Him)

Dislikes: Unknown

Friends: None

Rivals: None

Super Form: No Name

Bio: This tiny guy is a fun loving dude. Always up for a laugh, as long as it's funny to him, mainly using a range of explosive laughs on Sonic and his friends to get a good chuckle. These include self-destruct TV messages and bombs. He often gets depressed, wanting some kind of attention or praise from Dr. Eggman. Despite that, he's just lonely and looking for fun.

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