Name: Amy Rose

Age: 12

Birthdate: September 23

Sex: Female

Species: Hedgehog

Abilities: Piko Piko Hammer Attacks and Tricks

Weapons and Items: Piko Piko Hammer

Vehicles: None

Residence: Station Square

Likes: Sonic, Shopping and Cooking

Dislikes: Unknown

Friends: Sonic (Also Her Crush), Tails, Knuckles (Occasionally), Cream, Cheese, Chris, Chuck and Ella

Rivals: Eggman

Super Form: No Name

Bio: A lovable girl hedgehog who chases Sonic around all the time. She a girl who doesn't like to wait around, so she usually follows. She is constantly running into Sonic wherever he goes. Because of her willingness not to give up, she is often rash in her decisions, but she is smart and pure in heart. Sonic may think she nothing more than extra baggage, but perhaps in his heart he does care for her.

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